Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Future of MY Blogosphere

Ah, the beauty of a clean sink. I just finished washing this evening's dinner dishes. I put it off for a few hours, telling Jason I would just do them tomorrow. But then I thought "I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow. I could have to go to Tyner's school again (that's a whole 'nother story), or Zeke could have a bad night tonight and I could need a nap in the morning." I already have a job planned for morning nap time, so I decided I would just do the dishes tonight. Why put off until tomorrow what you could do today, right?

Anyway. I didn't come to write about my dishes. I came to write about my blog. Hmm... blogging about my blog. Is that redundant?

A long time ago, I started a Live Journal account. I enjoyed writing on there, because that's really what I did. I wrote about my life and my feelings. When I started on there, you couldn't post pictures. I wanted to, but it was probably a good thing that I couldn't. It made me really write about what was going on. The other thing I liked about Live Journal was that you could lock certain posts. You could either make them so that only the people on your friends list could read them, or only you could read them. I liked the idea of having privacy to vent my worst thoughts. I was able to get them out without having to worry about someone reading them. ***SIDENOTE: I got distracted. I just spent the last half hour reading all my old posts on Live Journal. It's a good thing I'm not typing this post in real time!***

The last time I posted on my Live Journal was sometime in 2006. My first post on Blogger was in March of 2006. ***OOPS! Getting distracted reading old Blogger posts too!*** I started this blog thinking that I would share pictures and life updates, but also that I would continue really writing about things that were important to me or about random thoughts that were running through my head. And I did that for a while.

I shared weird thoughts like The Preschooler's Theme Song, The REAL reality TV, and The Big Purple Dinosaur. I shared deep and meaningful things like Motivation vs. Motivated, Too Many Hats, and The Little Green Cup. I wrote, just for the sheer joy of writing.

I know there are only about four people who read my blog on a regular basis. And that is okay. I don't want to be one of the mega-blogs that averages 357 comments a day. I do, however, have dreams of having 10 or so regular readers. I want to know that what I have to say is interesting to people.

But, really, what am I giving you all to read? Pictures of my kids, recipes, and To Do lists? Those things aren't bad, in and of themselves. But when that's all there is? It makes for kind of a boring blog.

I have a long list of blogs that I read (you can see my list in my sidebar). I try to check them out at least every few days. I love seeing my sisters' blogs. It is a great way to keep up with them and to see what is going on in their lives. But the ones I love to read? Cultivating Home, The Queen B, Small Town Blessings, Beachy Mimi, Nobody Called Today. These are the blogs where I keep clicking "Older Posts." I love reading what these women are writing. I like reading about their lives. I like hearing their thoughts. I like laughing at their humor. I like learning from their wisdom. These blogs are what I aspire to. The frequency of the posts, the tone of blogs, the humor and wit and wisdom contained throughout.

I'm not sure what all this means for the future of my blog. One of the reasons I don't post very much is time. The un-kid-filled hours of my days are usually filled with housework (or naps...). And my nighttime hours are filled with my list of TV shows. It all comes down to priorities. Obviously, hearth and home take precedence. But I guess I need to decide if TV or blogging is more important. Or how to fit both into my evenings without being up past midnight.

So what do you think, my four faithful blog readers? What would you like to see more or less of on my blog? Leave me a comment and let me know. And if there are more than four of you out there? Feel free to de-lurk and leave a comment as well.


Kimi said...

well, you know i've always admired your way with words bethy boo. i think you should write what you want. i love seeing your insights into all things and i've loved your random posts as much as the ones that catch me up on you and the kiddos. and if there's ever a time you need to just write to vent you can always do it on microsoft word or blog it but not post it...u know just save it.
i eagerly await to see what comes next.

Beth said...

Let's see...don't know you...found you by mistake - but I keep coming back! You're a mom, working hard at being a mom. I like the way you write and like the 'family feel'. Haven't gotten brave enough to have my own blog...I live through others.

Oh, and I'm a 'Beth'. Take care!

Erna/Erin said...

I read it every now and then and I have about four pages to read. I like the pictures, and the stories about your life, or things you enjoy doing or watching, but the recipes I always skip past simply because I don't cook anything living in a dorm. As a student, I get tired of reading and writing which is why my blog is so cruddy and why I only get to yours every now and then.

Sorry, dude.