Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new project.

I haven't officially started on this project yet, but I took the first step today.  I plan on making a Sheepy Sack or two for Emma to wear at night.  I'm going to use wool yarn, so it will not only be pajamas, but it will be her diaper cover as well.  I bought some yarn a while back online, and today I actually knitted a little bit of it.  I made a test swatch so that I could see what my gauge was for the yarn.  I did that so I would know what size knitting needles to order so that the finished product will be the right size.  I thought I'd share a picture of the test swatch, just so you could see the pretty colors of the yarn.  So here it is:

Now I just need to start looking for some more pretty yarn to knit up another one...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The new truck.

So that's Jason's new truck.  The angle is a little weird, I know.  The bed really isn't miniature.  It is a 2002 Dodge Dakota, 4 doors, seats six, 4-wheel drive, 58000 miles.  Nothing inside is automatic (windows, door locks, etc.), but it's got a radio and a CD player.  The Jeep had neither of those, so Jason is happy as a clam.  It fits all of us really well, and will even after the baby comes.  It was in great condition when we bought it.  No scratches, excellent interior.  There are a few scratches on the back passenger door now, from the dumb dog jumping up on it, but Jason thinks he can buff those out. 

We are trying to sell the Jeep.  It would be nice to keep it for hunting, but it would be even nicer to have the money.  LOL (they really need to have some smilies on here...).

Okay.  I think I'm done posting for the day.  I hope this will hold you all off for another few weeks.

My Boys

Here are some more pictures I took yesterday.  Sierra was at school, so it's just the boys in these.

A picture I made Tyner let me take.  He just looked so old in his new tanktop and his t-ball hat.

The guys working on the tractor.  I love how Zeke is all shoved up in between them, trying to see what is going on.

Tyner playing on the trailer while the guys work.  Zeke is wondering how to get up there.

And here is Tyner trying to help Zeke get up on trailer.  I really love this picture for some reason.  

And this is the view I usually have of Zeke when we are outside.  Him walking on to the next thing.

He loves bikes.  I've had to stop him several times from trying to climb on Sierra's big bike.  For now, he enjoys this one, even though the back wheels always hit his feet when he tries to go forward.
Okay, that's my boys outside.  

It's long overdue....

Okay, okay.  I know.  It's been forever since I posted anything.  I'm sorry.  I've been busy.  With what you ask?  Well, life.  Kids.  Chores.  Crafty stuff.  Oh, and The Diaper Pin.  I'll be honest.  I'm on there quite a bit.  But I thought I'd share some pictures of the crafty stuff I've been busy with.  So here they are, in the order I finished them:

This is a blanket I started crocheting for the baby (before we knew it was a girl).  After we found out the gender, I decided I wanted a more girly colored blanket.  So I decided to finish this one up and give it to a friend for her baby shower.  The yarn for the new blanket should hopefully be here today, so I will share pictures when I get that done (if I don't finish it in Washington).

This is Zeke's summer fleece stash that I sewed.  These aren't just his shorts, they are also what we use as diaper covers most of the time.  The two on the far left are his nighttime diaper covers that I bought.  One still has the winter legs on it.  The sage green and orange pairs don't get worn very often, as they were made from a pattern that doesn't fit very well.  I might do those colors over with the new pattern.  I've also got a few more colors I'd like to do, but I need to get the fleece for them.  You will see Zeke in these shorts a lot this summer.

This is a bamboo velour blanket that I dyed and sewed for the baby.  Bamboo velour is soft and squishy and super-cuddly.  The purple came out a little darker than I wanted it to, but that's okay.  It is looking a little North Kitsap HS for my tastes, though.

I wasn't going to make anymore of these fitted pocket diapers, 'cause we just really don't use them.  But Jason found this material at WalMart and asked me if I could make a diaper out of it.  Of course I couldn't say no.  So this is our USMC diaper.  It is lined with red flannel.

Here are some pictures I took of the kids yesterday.  I will add a little update on each kid with their picture.

Sierra is doing great.  She is actually very sad that school will be over in two weeks.  She is looking forward to our visit to Washington, though, and to taking swimming lessons this summer.

Tyner was ready for school to be over months ago.  He spends most of his time at home outside looking for bugs or next door visiting GG.  He is still my wild and loud boy, but he has grown up quite a bit in the last few months.

Zeker is getting way too big, way too fast.  He talks a lot, just like Sierra did.  He is our first real climber, but he is really careful when he does climb.  He is obsessed with his Papa, and asks to see him at every opportunity.  He is our little clown, and he loves making everyone laugh.

I thought I'd finally share a belly picture.  I am now 28 weeks.  Only 12 more to go!  I can't believe it's gone so fast.  At my last appointment, the baby was still laying sideways, which all my other kids have done.  I'm not worried yet, and won't be unless she hasn't moved in a few months.  I'm feeling great, except for the occasional non-pregnancy related illnesses.  I finally found my box of maternity clothes (I lost them somewhere in the garage), so no more big t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts.  People are finally starting to realize how pregnant I really am.
Okay, I think that's it.  Oh, I forgot to post a picture of Jason's new truck.  The picture I took yesterday is still on my camera though, so I'm not going to worry about it right now.  Maybe in another three weeks.... LOL!

Okay, Zeke is on the table banging the salt and pepper shakers together, so I should go.  Bye!!!

***ETA:  In case you were wondering, I edited out all my stretch marks and my funky tattoo on my belly picture.  Oh, the joys of modern technology!***

Monday, May 04, 2009

To Do list for Monday

I thought I would post my To Do list for today.  But since there is so much on that list, and such a short amount of time to do it in, I thought I might just post a picture of it.  I'll have you know, though, posting a picture isn't nearly as satisfying as coming back and crossing things off as I get them done.  But I will be crossing them off on my paper list, so maybe I will come back tonight and add a picture of my updated list.  So, here it is:
We are going back to Medford today, after we pick Sierra up at school at 1:15, to pick up Jason's new truck (more on that later), so I have quite a bit of stuff to get done before then.  

Priority jobs today are:
-Getting the hamburger meat repackaged and in the freezer
-Doing the checkbook
-Using the kefir in the fridge to make muffins
-Stripping all of our bamboo diapers

Okay, my bowl of Kix is gone, so I better get busy!