Monday, April 27, 2009

Appliqued Fleece Soakers

Here is my latest completed project.  Well, it's the first I've made of these, but I'm sure I will make more.  I sewed up these fleece soakers and hand-stitched on some fleece appliques.  

First is a newborn size soaker for Emma with a cute pink heart on the bum.

This is Zeke's soaker, with a hand made hedgehog.  (Thanks to a great 'Pin mama for the idea!).
Close-up of the hedgehog.
I've got plans for a bright green pair of shorts with a dark gray elephant on the leg, bright blue shorts or soaker with an orange goldfish on it, and black shorts or soaker with bright blue, green, and red stars on it.

Now to find t-shirts to match all this stuff I want to make....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Do on Wednesday

Yes, yes, I know.  I'm seriously lacking in the posting department.  And now all I can come up with is a To Do list?  It's sad, I know.  I promise, I have some pictures and videos that I'm going to post today someday.  Until then, you'll have to feast your eyes on my List:

-Tidy up after Zeke lays down
-Clean bathrooms
-Call car place for Jason
-Make hummer food/Fill feeder/Hang outside
-Upload/Edit/Upload/Post pictures and videos
-Prep diapers one more time
-Figure out LL order Not putting in an order right now. Don't need to spend the money.
-Pick a dang diaper bag already! JuJuBe Be Prepared. Someday.
-Write an email
-Get DirecTV stuff in an envelope to mail

Okay, like always, that's it for now.  I will be back to add stuff as I think of it.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Say hello to Emmalee Jae!

Sorry it took so long to get these up.  

Here are the 3-D ultrasound pictures of our new baby girl. 

We were stuck on the name Claire Jae for a while, but then I changed my mind.  LOL!  Jason's mom mentioned the name Emma, which I really liked.  So for a few days it was Emma Jae.  But then I started thinking again.  

Sierra Beth has my name.
Tyner Joseph has Papa's nickname.
Ezekiel Ray has Dad's name and Grandma's middle name.
Emma Jae is for Jason's name.  

But nothing of Mom ever made it in there.  And of course I want my mom in there somewhere.  So I was thinking I liked Emmalee Jae.  We might just call her Emma.  But if we use her whole name, it will be pronounced just like Emily.  There wouldn't be any emphasis on the Emma part if we use the full name.

So what do you think?