Monday, March 30, 2009

Why we don't have the prefold love....

Now that we have a bigger stash of fitted diapers, I don't use prefolds that much.  They are bulkier than our TTs, and we have to use a cover on them to keep them together.  I like Zeke to be coverless around the house as much as possible, just so his bum stays aired out.  And every time Zeke wears a PF without a cover, it very quickly turns from a diaper into shorts.  Here's what I mean:

Here is Zeke in a pinned bamboo prefold.  I just put this on him.


And here he is after walking and climbing for about 15 minutes.

And that is what happens EVERY time I use a prefold without a cover.

The best seat in the house.

Zeke is a climber.  He is the first of our kids to BE a climber.  I try to just let him go while keeping an eye on him to make sure he stays safe.  It stresses Jason out though.  These are some pictures of Zeke's current favorite place to climb onto.  He loves to get up here and look at the kids playing outside (when they are around the back of the house) or to look at the birds on the feeder and the deer in the field.  I'm sure he will love looking at the cows once they come back too.  I try to get him to stay down on the cedar chest, and to kneel while he looks out the window.  But he just loves to use the window sill as a little seat.  Here are some pictures of the big boy:

Here he is checking out the deer in the field.  These guys were around for a few days, and Zeke learned to say and sign "deer" while watching them (it comes out  more as dee-oo).

And just for more Adventures in Climbing.  The other night Zeke figured out that he could climb up onto our kitchen chairs (his brother left one in front of the sink and he climbed up and tried to eat soap bubbles).  After I put the chair back at the table, he pushed it out a little and climbed up onto it.  Next thing I know, I turn around and he is sitting in the middle of the kitchen table!!!  Crazy boy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Recipe

A new hiding place.

Jason taught Zeke the concept of hiding a while back.  He now loves to hide under the end of the quilt that's on our bed, under the crib in the church nursery, and anywhere else he can find.  I got these pictures tonight of his new hiding place.   

HAPPY 300TH POST!!!!!!

My To Do list

I'm hoping if I post my To Do list on here, it will motivate me to get off the computer (ahem...I mean The Diaper Pin), and get to work!  This list is from yesterday and today, so I get to be motivated by the stuff I already have crossed off.  So here goes:

-Doctor's appointment
-Call Medi-Cal worker
-Iron cuffs of Sierra's jeans
-Dinner? Ramen-Vegetable Beef Skillet
-Girl Scouts meeting
-Empty dishwasher
-Fold towels
-Medi-Cal paperwork
-T-ball registration
-Yearbook form
-Buy Jason's plane ticket
-Secure dresser to wall
-Post office
-Drop papers off at school when I pick up Sierra
-Shopping list for Yreka tomorrow
-Tidy house a.k.a. clean up Zeke's messes (once, twice, thrice, four times)

Well, that's it for now.  I'm sure I will think of more.  I guess I better lay Zeke down for his nap and get to work!

***ETA:  Man, I love productive days!!!***

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New diaper-y stuff

First is our new Goodmama, The Jolly Waffler.

Next is another pocket diaper I made Zeke.  It is black fleece on the inside and this cute pirate flannel on the outside.

Then, the wool longies Mom knit for us.

And, just because he's cute.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My latest project

I was really bored with my plain old white prefolds.  So I got a bug up my bum and decided to dye them!  I used Dylon dye packs from JoAnn Fabrics.  The colors were Green, Vivid Turquoise, Cherry Red, Royal Blue, and Burnt Orange.  I'm not sure if the red is red enough, or if it is too pink.  I only dyed infant prefolds red (none of Zeke's size), so I'm going to let Jason decide about the color.

But anyway, here are the results:

All in a pile:

One of each color:

Tie-dyed birdseye flat diaper:

Dip-dyed flat diaper:
I think the flat diaper is definitely too pink, and I probably won't use it for Zeke.  I'm trying to think of something I could make for Sierra with it.  If I can't think of anything, I might just give it away.  Anybody want it?

I plan on buying more colors to dye some more diapers.  Yellow for both the baby's and Zeke's diapers.  Brown/tan, and navy blue for Zeke and the baby, if it's a boy.  I'm also going to buy pink and purple, in case the baby is a girl.  If not, I will save them and use them for something for Sierra.  I'm not sure if I will buy more of the red, or if I will try a different red.  I have to ask Jason his opinion first.

Anyway.  There's what I spent last night and most of today doing!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


The Farm Chicks are having a surprise giveaway!  Go check it out.

Busy bee at the machine...

Well, I was busy at my sewing machine Saturday and Sunday.  Here is what I did:

Sewed legs on another fleece soaker.  Light blue soaker with charcoal gray legs.

Action shot.  He wanted a cracker, and I wouldn't give him one.  I know.  I'm so mean.

This is a fitted diaper I made.  I used two receiving blankets, and it is reversible.  I even did the elastic in the legs all by myself!  There is a pocket at the top of the back part that you stuff with *whatever*.  You can use a prefold, an old towel, a flat diaper.  Whatever you want to use to absorb your baby's pee.  If I make another one of these, I will probably make the top wings shorter.  They are made long so you can use just one pin, but that causes the inner wings to droop when Zeke is running around.  Maybe I will just save this one for the baby.  Oh, and I'm going to try to do the elastic a different way.  

Sorry I didn't get any action shots of the pocket diaper.  It is all clean now, so I will try to get a picture tomorrow.

Oh, and I can't wait to share with you the rainbow I am making!  That will be later on Tuesday.