Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wheeled vehicles that have two wheels and are moved by foot pedals.

That's right. Bicycles. Today's post is all about bicycles. New bicycles. New bicycle skills. And a big guy riding a little bicycle. Sit back and enjoy.

Tyner has been riding his cousin's bike around for quite a while. So we decided it was time to get him his own bike. We had seen some kid riding a Tonka bike around at Sierra's tee-ball game last year, and Tyner was totally taken with it. When we went bike shopping yesterday, we found it at WalMart. It is a 12" bike, but he has to have the seat all the way down right now, so it should last him a while. And it is so tough that it should last for Zeke too. Here are some pictures:

Seeing the bike for the first time.

Checking it out.

The seat's a little high in this one.
And here's a shot of what it looks like.

And here is some video of the kids riding their bikes. Take a good look at what Sierra can do. She came in today and asked Jason to take her training wheels off. She has been riding on two wheels for a while now, just using the trainers for starting and leaning on when she stops. He took them off and I lowered the seat for her. I helped her get her balance a couple times for starting, and she had no problems after that. I can't believe my baby is riding a two-wheeler!

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And then there's this....

I don't think I need to make any comments about that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our two-wheeled post. I will try to post some pics of Zeke tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A repeat...

I have posted this somewhere before, but I just think it's so cute. Plus, I've been getting flak about not posting anything, so... Just pretend this is a snapshot of Sierra and Tyner wrestling, m'kay?