Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Okay, so I talked to one of my sisters today, and realized that I never know who I've told what to. There are so many people who I talk to, and I never remember who I've updated and who I haven't. So, I'll just update on here "from now on." On with the show...

The house thing seems to be moving along well. The Hubster's dad got called to the bank to sign more papers for the loan on the house they are buying, so that's all going good. We will hopefully be able to move into the small house on the grandparents property by Thanksgiving *keeping my fingers crossed*. That will be after ripping out carpet, cleaning, painting, and replacing flooring.

The Hubster is liking his new job. He's a garbage man (Waste Management Technician?), for those that don't know. I just made an appointment for him today at DMV to take his class B license test next month. I saw him driving the truck today for the first time. My husband looks very cute when he is all blue collar like that! He has been doing a lot of hunting with his grandpa the last few weeks. He got his resident hunting license and a bear tag, so he is hoping to get something (remember, we don't "catch" the wild animals). Papa bought a new quad, and gave The Hubster his old one, and he is loving that. I think so far he is content being down here. Liking work and having recreation time are big pluses for him and his sanity.

The kids are doing good. The Girl started preschool a couple of weeks ago. She is going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was hoping she would be going five days a week this year, but so far they don't have any spots open. If they get one, though, her teacher said she could have it. The Boy is good too. I can't believe he'll be three in two and a half weeks. Man, time flies. He still has his attitude, but we're trying to train that out of him. Both kids are able to go to Awanas this year (Wednesday night church). They are both in the Cubbies class, although they are in different groups. And darn it, they look awfully cute with their vests on! We have started talking about Halloween costumes. The Girl wanted to be Belle, but WalMart didn't have that costume. So then she picked a mermaid fairy, or something like that. That costume was too big for her, so she decided she wanted to be a pirate like her brother. Which I think is totally appropriate, because they are both SO into Peter Pan right now. Well, not so much Peter Pan as Captain Hook. So, GG and I are going to work on pirate costumes for the two of them. I'll post pictures when we get them all together.

As for me, well, I'm doing good. Still waiting to hear from someone about a job. Got a call from PremierWest Bank the other day, but it was for a full-time position. When I told her I wanted part-time, she sounded interested, like maybe a part-time job was going to be coming available. So, I'm still waiting to see. We could really use the money that a full-time position would bring, but I'm trusting God that his plan is for me to work part-time. He will bring something when it's his time. Until then, I know he will provide for our needs with what we have available. I have started going to MOPS and a bible study down here. The cool thing is, most of my friends from before go to the bible study, so it's been really easy to slip back into my place here. That's the thing I love about a small town like this. It's like we never left. Now I'm just continuing to pray that The Hubster will go with me to the bible study. You guys pray too, okay? Okay. Maybe after hunting season is over.

So, anyway. There is the rundown of whats been happening down here. Hope you all enjoyed it!