Sunday, June 29, 2008


I just thought I would post these two pictures so you could see how much Zeke has changed in the last three months.

Random Pictures from the Last Two Weeks

6/11 - Zeke playing peek-a-boo and playing with his new toy.

6/15 - I posted this before, but it was too cute not to repost.
6/17 - Peeking around the corner.
6/19 - Both boys got mohawks this day.

6/21 - These are the group shots from our Youth Group reunion.

6/22 & 24 - A few sleeping shots. Everytime Tyner sleeps on the twin air mattress, he ends up on the floor between the two matresses.

6/25 - Zeke likes to stand more than he likes to sit these days. I have to put him up there, but he can get himself down.
Not sure when this one was taken. It was super cute, so I had to post it. Dani took it on her cell phone.

Zeke in the Grass

After Zeke got out of the pool, I wrapped him in a towel and set him in the grass to warm up. These are just some pictures I took of him.
He was trying to get the grass and he fell face first into it.

Baby Pool - 6/28/08

We took the babies in the little pool. Both of them cried a little at first, because the water was so cold. But soon they were both splashing and having fun.

"Get me outta' here!"

Touching Joey's nose.
Ezekiel and Josefine.

He looks so lonely in there.
Thinking about chewing on the side of the pool.

PoOl FUn

All the big kids got into the pool at one time. It was a little loud, a little crazy, and a lot of fun.
Tyner, Lizzie, Ryelie, Mikey, Shirley, and Sierra.

The kids had a good time playing in the big pool. But for some reason, they just could not wait to get in the baby pool.

Girls in the Pool - 6/27/08

Kim got the pool out the other day, and the girls jumped right in.