Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Pictures from the Last Two Weeks

6/11 - Zeke playing peek-a-boo and playing with his new toy.

6/15 - I posted this before, but it was too cute not to repost.
6/17 - Peeking around the corner.
6/19 - Both boys got mohawks this day.

6/21 - These are the group shots from our Youth Group reunion.

6/22 & 24 - A few sleeping shots. Everytime Tyner sleeps on the twin air mattress, he ends up on the floor between the two matresses.

6/25 - Zeke likes to stand more than he likes to sit these days. I have to put him up there, but he can get himself down.
Not sure when this one was taken. It was super cute, so I had to post it. Dani took it on her cell phone.

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