Thursday, June 11, 2009

Signature test.

Heading to Washington!

The car is (mostly) packed.  The snacks are (mostly) bought.  The gas tank is full.  And I am ready to go!!  

Well, I will be ready once the diapers are folded and packed in the morning, and once the DVD player is put into the car, and once all the random morning things are grabbed, and....  Okay, maybe I'm not as ready as I thought!!  

It is now 10:30.  I should go to bed so I'm not so tired in the morning that I have trouble driving.  I will update you all once we get where we're going.  


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wednesday's To Do list

I'm posting this Tuesday night, while the list is running through my head of all I need to accomplish tomorrow.  Here is my To Do list for tomorrow, sort of in chronological order:

-Fold diapers
-What's for dinner? Out to dinner at The Trailhead
-Fix hem on red fleece shorties
-Make a pair of black fleece longies
-Pack up craft stuff for WA
-Tyner's school picnic at 10:30 (leave house by 10:15)
-Conference after school
-Pick Sierra up at 12:45 
-Boys down for naps around 1:30
-Finish packing/organizing stuff in garage
-Prep diapers if FedEx brings them
-Watch Mental

That's all I can think of right now.  But I'm sure there are 50 other things that I'm just forgetting to write down.  I will add them tomorrow as I remember them.

I was hoping to start knitting on the sleep sack tonight, but my brain and my eyes are just too tired from a short nights sleep last night.  So I'm going to shut down the computer and head to bed, like a good girl.  Maybe I can start it tomorrow while I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance.

Okay, goodnight.  See you all tomorrow, where I will hopefully be crossing everything off my list!

Just call him Rembrandt...

Sierra has an easel in her room that has a chalkboard on one side.  Whenever Zeke manages to sneak in to her room, it's usually the first place he heads.  In the past, it's always been to eat the chalk.  But lately he's been drawing pictures for her.  I snapped these pictures of him in action the other day.

Caught in the act!  *He is wearing his brother's hoodie, by the way.  He insisted I put it on him.*

Showing off his work.

The final masterpiece.

I never said he didn't eat the chalk anymore....

Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday's To Do list

Here is my To Do list for today, to keep me motivated:

*Clean stovetop
*Blog post - chalkboard
*Take pictures of dyed flats, put on 'Pin
*Sort through stuff in garage
*Post office (One package came. Woohoo!)
*Clean kids' sink/counter
*Clean our toilet
*Start packing up craft stuff for WA
*Watch In Plain Sight
*Start lists for WA
*Girl Scouts at 3:30
*Roll yarn skeins into balls
*Catch up on TV tonight

Okay, that's it for now.  Off to get started.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The responsible thing.

I decided a few months ago to sell both of our bouncy seats in the upcoming garage sale and buy a new one.  I wanted to have at least one new, girly thing for Emma.  I really wanted this.  

Today I was out in the garage, cleaning things up for Saturday.  I took the seats and covers off of two bouncy seats, two car seats, a swing, and an Exersaucer to wash them.  When they came out of the dryer, I was looking at the seat pad of the newer bouncy seat.  I was thinking how it was kind of a waste to sell it for $10 and then turn around and buy a new bouncer for $35.  It's still in really good condition, and even has the toy bar that goes with it (not that we used it much). 

So, I'm going to do the responsible thing and keep the newer bouncy seat and not buy a new one.  Besides, there are better things I could buy with that $35.  Like this.  Or this.  Or a portion of this.  It's all about perspective, right?

Some things never change...

I think I've said this before.  But Zeke is a climber.  It doesn't matter what there is to climb on, he will climb it.  He is very careful when he climbs, but sometimes accidents happen.  His favorite place to climb is on our video chest up to the window sill, where he sits and looks out the window.  Well, I took this picture of him on Tuesday afternoon, standing on the window sill.  

He was checking out the cows that are back in the field behind our house.  Shortly after I took this picture, he decided to turn around while still standing on the sill.  Right after I told him to be careful, that he was going to fall, his foot slipped.  And sure enough, he fell.  Feet hit the video chest, belly hit the edge, head hit the floor.  He was just fine (he's gotta' be tough with Tyner for a brother).  But after telling Jason about the fall, we decided that it was time to move the video chest. We were concerned that if he fell off of one certain side of the chest, he would hit the corner of the TV cabinet (you can sort of see it on the left side of the picture).  We moved the video chest to another wall, and put his toys in front of the window.

Then I took this picture today:

I guess it doesn't matter what furniture is where.  The kid is gonna' find a way to get on the window sill.  He has even used his little ride-on toy to try to climb up there.

*sigh*  This kid is gonna' be an adventure.  And he might just give his Daddy a heart attack someday.