Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heading to Washington!

The car is (mostly) packed.  The snacks are (mostly) bought.  The gas tank is full.  And I am ready to go!!  

Well, I will be ready once the diapers are folded and packed in the morning, and once the DVD player is put into the car, and once all the random morning things are grabbed, and....  Okay, maybe I'm not as ready as I thought!!  

It is now 10:30.  I should go to bed so I'm not so tired in the morning that I have trouble driving.  I will update you all once we get where we're going.  



Danielle & Samantha said...

We're gonna miss you all. Have a great time!! I love your new blog and the picture on top. Can you teach me sometime how to do that?

Heather said...

AAAAAA so excited.

Corrie said...

Hi Beth,
We miss you! I hope you all are having a great time. Can't wait to see your belly when you come home. Mine is starting to look a little bigger if you know to look for it. Ah! I always show so early. Threw up for the first time this morning - trying to remember that is a good thing.

I hope you post some pictures of your kids with their cousins!