Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wheeled vehicles that have two wheels and are moved by foot pedals.

That's right. Bicycles. Today's post is all about bicycles. New bicycles. New bicycle skills. And a big guy riding a little bicycle. Sit back and enjoy.

Tyner has been riding his cousin's bike around for quite a while. So we decided it was time to get him his own bike. We had seen some kid riding a Tonka bike around at Sierra's tee-ball game last year, and Tyner was totally taken with it. When we went bike shopping yesterday, we found it at WalMart. It is a 12" bike, but he has to have the seat all the way down right now, so it should last him a while. And it is so tough that it should last for Zeke too. Here are some pictures:

Seeing the bike for the first time.

Checking it out.

The seat's a little high in this one.
And here's a shot of what it looks like.

And here is some video of the kids riding their bikes. Take a good look at what Sierra can do. She came in today and asked Jason to take her training wheels off. She has been riding on two wheels for a while now, just using the trainers for starting and leaning on when she stops. He took them off and I lowered the seat for her. I helped her get her balance a couple times for starting, and she had no problems after that. I can't believe my baby is riding a two-wheeler!

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And then there's this....

I don't think I need to make any comments about that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our two-wheeled post. I will try to post some pics of Zeke tomorrow.


ScrapFairy said...

What great pics. Jay is to funny, do teh gloves give him super powers? HEHE!

Ashleigh said...

LOVE it! My little guy has an itty bitty tricycle and he'd ride it all day if he could. He's still figuring out the pedals, though, and I tend to get a leetle bit tired pushing him around for hours on end. :)