Monday, May 04, 2009

To Do list for Monday

I thought I would post my To Do list for today.  But since there is so much on that list, and such a short amount of time to do it in, I thought I might just post a picture of it.  I'll have you know, though, posting a picture isn't nearly as satisfying as coming back and crossing things off as I get them done.  But I will be crossing them off on my paper list, so maybe I will come back tonight and add a picture of my updated list.  So, here it is:
We are going back to Medford today, after we pick Sierra up at school at 1:15, to pick up Jason's new truck (more on that later), so I have quite a bit of stuff to get done before then.  

Priority jobs today are:
-Getting the hamburger meat repackaged and in the freezer
-Doing the checkbook
-Using the kefir in the fridge to make muffins
-Stripping all of our bamboo diapers

Okay, my bowl of Kix is gone, so I better get busy!  


Kimi said...

Hope you completed what you'd hoped to. I'm working on catching up today.

Danielle said...

it sure is taking you a long time to finish those! lol....out loud

Kimi said...

Seriously has been 12 days since your last post.

Kimi said...

It has now been 3 weeks, that's 21 days...with NO post! C'mon BootScoot, I need my Hudson fix!