Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Boys

Here are some more pictures I took yesterday.  Sierra was at school, so it's just the boys in these.

A picture I made Tyner let me take.  He just looked so old in his new tanktop and his t-ball hat.

The guys working on the tractor.  I love how Zeke is all shoved up in between them, trying to see what is going on.

Tyner playing on the trailer while the guys work.  Zeke is wondering how to get up there.

And here is Tyner trying to help Zeke get up on trailer.  I really love this picture for some reason.  

And this is the view I usually have of Zeke when we are outside.  Him walking on to the next thing.

He loves bikes.  I've had to stop him several times from trying to climb on Sierra's big bike.  For now, he enjoys this one, even though the back wheels always hit his feet when he tries to go forward.
Okay, that's my boys outside.  


Heather said...

Wow Tyner is so big. I love that pic of them too so sweet. Might have to scrap that one.

Kimi said...

I was going to say, the 'helping hand' picture would be perfect for a page. Heather, there's your title, scrap it for her, frame it and put it up on the wall Beth. It's so great that they have so much to do outside.