Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesdays are for Napping

Tuesday's To Do list:

*Chop up green bell peppers
*Dinner?Sweet and Sour Chicken, Brown Rice, Salad, Rolls
*Fold towels
*Kids' bathroom (sink/counter) I just need to make Sierra do this.
*Our bathroom (tub/shower)
*Watch Bones online
*Watch The Office online
*Floors (tomorrow....)
*Do a load of colored clothes

Well, that's it for today. A lot of it will probably get moved to tomorrow's list.

I really did take a nap all morning. From about 9:30 until 11:30. Zeke has decided he needs to wake up at about 5:00 every morning, and I don't get much sleep after that. I was so tired that I was really cranky and barely able to keep my eyes open. I feel much better now, although I could use some caffeine. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight.

I will be back tomorrow with a list that's a little more crossed off. Hopefully...

1 comment:

Heather said...

Some days sleep is all there is to do in a day and that is OK! Good for you taking care of yourself.
If mommy isn't happy nobody is happy.