Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Bathroom Project

Okay, I started my cleaning...

Area #1: The Toilet area. This includes the window behind the toilet, the toilet itself (tank, base, bowl, rim, lid, diaper sprayer), the floor around the toilet, and the stuff on the floor (garbage can, plastic box, toilet brush). DONE.

Area #2: The Sink/Counter area. This includes the mirror, sink, fixtures, counter around sink (clean and declutter), large counter next to sink (clean and declutter). DONE.

Area #3: Cabinet areas. Declutter under the sink, declutter under large counter.

Area #4: Tub/Shower area. Tub, walls, shower curtain, fixtures.

Area #5: Floor. Sweep, scrub, baseboards, wash rugs. DONE.

Area #6: Walls. Wash down any spots on walls and door. Door handles. Light switches. DONE.

Well, I think that's it for the bathroom. I will come back and edit as I finish cleaning these areas. Thanks for letting me post my dirty work. :)

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Kimi said...

did you get anymore done? I should do this this weekend with the house.