Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not much of Anything happens on Wednesday

So here's my list for today:

*Wander aimlessly around Yreka, looking for a remote control dinosaur, wiper blades for a Jeep, a place to develop 35 mm film in one hour, and soap nuts.
*Deposit money at bank.
*Pick up Tyner from preschool; stop by post office and Corrie's house on the way home.
*Visit with the old folks, and steal their food to feed the boys lunch.
*Hang out with Jason and the boys until they all lay down for naps.
*Catch up on blog reading.
*Put away dark gentle cycle clothes from yesterday.
*Dinner? Pizza at church before AWANAs.
*Post pictures and video. (Still haven't done this! But I got the stuff downloaded on my computer, so I'm one step closer.)
*Put bible verses up around house. (I'm not very spiritual, neglecting these bible verses, am I?)
*Make laundry soap with soap nuts from Corrie.
*Make blueberry muffins.
*Tidy house (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms) after Zeke goes to bed.
*Get diapers in washer to soak sometime before bed.

Today is a nothing day. No heavy cleaning like the last few days. It's a nice break.

But tomorrow! Tomorrow we bake bread. And Tyner is going to help me. Fun, fun, fun!

1 comment:

Heather said...

So what is your weekly schedule like for your heavy cleaning? Do you have one or do you just seem to do the same things on the same days by accident? Me Curious??