Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday is Wash Day

So Heather wanted me to post my To Do list for today. I wrote my list out last night, but as I sat here waiting for my sloooow computer this morning, I kept thinking of things to add to it. Some of the things on the list aren't chores around the house, but rather little errands or tasks I need to complete before the day is over. The list I'm typing here is a little more elaborate than what is written on my paper, but that's just because you might not understand my odd comments and phrases. Also, I'm a little ashamed to admit, I have gone back to writing my lists on paper. I don't seem to use the chalkboard much these days (it's usually covered with school papers), although the kids still love using the bottom half.

Monday has kind of become my laundry day, so that is my biggest job for the day. As always, a load is crossed off the list when it is washed, dried, and laid out on the bed. I fold Zeke's and my clothes, Jason folds his and Tyner's, and Sierra folds her own clothes. Everything else will kind of happen while loads are running.

So, here is my list:

*Let chickens out
*Take stuff to Grandma's
*Sort kids' laundry basket
-Gentle cycle
*What's for dinner? LEFTOVERS
*Empty dishwasher
*Empty dish drainer
*Wash dishes
*Empty garbage
*Strip our bed (somebody had an accident in my bed this morning...)
*Make bed once sheets are washed
*Watch The Office online
*Email Alicia about homeschooling boys
*Write stuff in new calendar (I love this calendar, by the way! I bought one for 2008, and liked it so much I got a 2009 one.)
*Call doctor about Zeke's ear?
*Put bible verses up around house
*Post pictures and video
*Post weeks menu
*Clear pile off desk
*Do more in bathroom
*Send package back
*Return books to library

Well, I think that's about it for my To Do list for today. I will add more if I think of something else. And I will try to come back and cross off as I get stuff done.

I better get on this list. I've already used up 45 minutes of Zeke's morning nap time on here. Bye!


Heather said...

I thought I had alot to do, gees. I like how you list your laundry might have to do it that way too. I need to get me a new calander for next year too, maybe i should look today while out running errands, hmmm.

Get working, LOL!!

Kimi said...

Let the chickens out....hahaha! You hick! Love it. You got a shizz load done today. Very proud of you.