Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Birthday, Accomplishments, and Making a Comeback

Here are a couple pictures of Tyner's birthday. He is having his boy party on Saturday, but we let him open our present to him on Tuesday.

Here is opening the present:
A super-cool, super-easy remote control car. He already got it taken away for driving it into his brother's back. Typical....
And here is Zeke crying because he wants me to pick him up. Ha ha ha.
Zeke found his 0-3 month camo hat in a box today and was trying to put it on. He thought it was so funny when I finally put it on him, that he walked around the house smiling and laughing. He looked so goofy with the tiny hat on that I had to get a picture.
And here are a few pictures of some things I accomplished yesterday.
Two loads of laundry. Well, three if you count the towels that are still sitting in the dryer.
I made six packages of Rice-A-Roni type stuff. I got the recipe from Hillbilly Housewife. These are really tasty (although I haven't tried the taco), and they are super easy to throw together even if you don't have them premade. Two Beef, two Chicken, and two Taco. Grandma let me borrow their FoodSaver to re-package meat that I bought on my big Medford trip, so I packaged these up and vacuum-sealed them. They are now waiting in my pantry for me to use when I need a quick side dish.
These are the icecream cone cupcakes that my friend Heather and I made for Cubbies. Her son and Tyner both had birthdays this week, so we decided to get together and share the task of providing a treat. These were made by filling tiny ice cream cones (probably two inches tall) with cake batter (about 2/3 full), baking them, and then frosting them. They are the perfect size for preschoolers, and just the right size for Daddy to eat one in one bite.
And I just thought I'd share that cloth diapers are making a comeback in our house. I was almost out of disposable diapers the other day, so I decided to start using the cloth ones I had and just using pull-on vinyl pants, since I lent all my velcro covers to my friend because Chunky Butt was too big for them. Here he is in his pull-on pants, trying to chase after Daddy (sorry about the red eyes).
And here he is, ready for bed, in a larger size velcro cover that the same friend lent me. I know this probably looks huge and bulky, but there is an extra microfiber liner in there to make sure it absorbs everything overnight. Well, he's not really ready for bed, since he doesn't have his jammies on yet.
So, there are a few pictures from the last few days. I really need to try to be better about posting everyday, or at least every other day, so I don't have these posts that are four topics long. Anyway. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Kimi said...

I love that are littles are getting so big....but it makes be sad too. I miss seeing you guys.

Kimi said...

I apologize for my you know who moment...that should be our not are. hahahaha!

Heather said...

Love the pics.