Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - week of 11/10/08

Well, I decided that since I am actually a little organized this month, and that I have eighteen meals planned and shopped for, that I would participate in OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday. I know it's a little late on Monday for this, but since we had leftovers tonight, I figured I was okay.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's meals are pretty definite, but I'm not going to assign a day to the other two. I'm not actually listing a whole weeks worth of meals either. Since I never know if we are going to be eating here or next door, there's no point. So, here are my meals.
MONDAY: Leftovers
WEDNESDAY: Pizza at church before AWANA Club
*Ham and White Bean Soup, Cornbread
*Stovetop Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Breadsticks
This is, of course, subject to change at anytime. It just depends on what I'm in the mood to do on any given day. I hope I've given you some ideas for dinner. But if you need more, go check out!

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