Monday, November 17, 2008

To Do for To Day

Here is Monday's To Do list:

*Read Bible in the morning
*Wash diapers
*Fold diapers
*Get Tyner from school
*Take milk to LennyAnn
*Walk to get Sierra from school
*Go to library
*Menu Plan Monday blog post
*Take stuff out to garage
*Chop up and freeze bell peppers
*Dinner? Stovetop Meatloaf, Scalloped Potatoes, Salad, Rolls
*Make pumpkin muffins
*Refill All-Purpose flour container
*Sort dirty laundry
*Wash towels
*Fold towels
*Empty garbage
*Empty dishwasher
*Clean sink/counter in kids' bathroom
*Clean tub/shower in our bathroom
*Watch Bones online
*Watch The Office online
*Check online for soap nuts and diaper covers

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