Sunday, March 26, 2006

Preschooler's Theme Song

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets
we're on our way
to help a baby [insert animal name here]
to save the day
we're not too big
and we're not too tough
but when we work together
we've got the right stuff

This is the theme song from a new show on Nick Jr. called "Wonder Pets." I have decided that this should be every preschoolers theme song. Okay, maybe not the "to help a baby animal/to save the day"part. But the rest of it. They're not big, and they're not tough. But if they worked together, I'm pretty sure they could take over the world.

I love watching when I drop The Girl off at school (she is in preschool three days a week). I like seeing her interact with all the other kids. Sometimes it makes me sad, 'cause even at that age, the kids can be mean, or at least indifferent.

See, The Girl is a gift-giver. She loves to draw pictures and give them to any adult teacher that she has, whether it's at school or church. Sometimes she'll find something that she wants to give to a friend at school. And I hate to discourage her, because I know gift-giving is part of her personality. But I hate to see the look of disappointment on her face when the kids give her a look like "WHAT is that? I don't want that." 'Cause it's usually an old sticker (a Bob the Builder one for The Crush) or a metallic piece of confetti (for Ponytail). I hate seeing her sad face, and the mama bear almost comes out on these poor little preschoolers who have no clue that they should be nice.

Anyway. I love seeing the preschoolers play together. I love watching them pretend with each other. Even The Boy is starting to pretend now. Mostly it's just by himself, pretending he's an animal or something. But The Girl is BIG into pretend play with her friends. Mostly princesses and stuff. I was just related a funny story from The Girl's first sleepover, a pretend conversation that took place between The Girl and her friend, who I will name...Sleepover. So anyway, here it goes. (SIDENOTE: As you can tell, at least I know she's listening to me) Remember, this conversation is taking place in the throes of pretending.

Sleepover: I love him, and I'm going to KISS him!
The Girl: No, that is NOT one of your choices. You have two choices. You can either choose to obey me, or you can choose not to obey.
Sleepover: I choose not to obey.
The Girl: Why?
Sleepover: Because I LOVE HIM!

Geez, could they BE anymore hilarious? I was almost falling off my chair laughing when she told me about. Especially since the way Sleepover's mom (name to be figured out later) related the conversation, I could tell The Girl sounded EXACTLY like me. How scary is that.

Okay, I've got to go. The Girl and I have to get in the shower before church. Later, all.

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