Thursday, March 30, 2006

Music, music, music....

So, I've discovered something about myself these last couple of days. I LOVE MUSIC!!!! I never realized how much.

I pulled out my iPod Shuffle the other day, because it was sitting around not being used. See, I usually use it when I exercise, but that is currently on hold, due to a soccer injury. So, anyway, I decided IT needed some exercise, so I took it out and was listening to it while I was cooking dinner the other day. I was having a BALL! I usually listen to the radio while I cook, but it was so fun to have my favorite songs blasting away. I'm sure The Hubster was getting annoyed with me pulling out the earbud and going "What?" EVERYtime he said something to me.

So, after my great experience in the kitchen, I decided to get adventurous. I was reading on Mom to the Screaming Masses' blog about how she was listening to her iPod in Walmart and I was inspired. I decided to try it. So, yesterday I was running some errands, and I took my Shuffle along with me. It was so much fun. I used it in Target too. Now, this last paragraph leads me to an important question.

Is there such a thing as iPod ettiquite? 'Cause, if there is, I'm pretty sure I'm breakin' the rules. I'm walking through the store, singing along. Well, I'm mouthing the words, because, believe me, the general population of Walmart does NOT want to hear me sing. I'm druming the beat on my legs. I'm literally stopping just short of dancing my way through the aisles (sidenote: it took me a lot of tries to spell "aisles").

So, my dear friends. What is the SOP (standard operating procedure) for iPod usage? Am I allowed to rock out in the middle of Walmart? Is it okay to bust out a drum solo on my lower extremities? Should I refrain from dancing my way through the Health and Beauty section?

Here's a little news for ya'. I had so much fun with my Shuffle that I decided to upgrade. I got to buy the new-ish iPod Nano (1GB) today. I was having fun tonight playing with it. It even has extras: games, a calendar, an address book, alarms, a stopwatch, a clock for any time zone in the world. Sweet. I love playing with gadgets.

Have no fear! My Shuffle will not be lonely, shoved in a drawer with a rubber band, three rusted paper clips, a pencil with no eraser, and six or seven pens that have run out of ink. NO!!!!!!! It is going to a good home. My wonderful sister TB has decided to adopt it as her own. Treat it well, TB, treat it well. And just so you all know, TB thinks so highly of my taste in music that she has requested that I leave my playlist intact on my dear Shuffle. You know you love me, girl!

Okay, it is now 1:00 AM (can you tell?). I should REEEEEALLY go to bed now. Later!


MrsWndr said...

Boo, I'm glad you've reconnect with your love of music. I act the same way on my walks when I'm listening to music. I can't wait to get the suffle in the mail. Hopefully sooner htan later, eh, eh. Hint Hint, nudge nudge! I do love you. TB

Beth said...

I've got a to-do list as long as my arm today, and the post office is on there. Hopefully I can unload my kids on someone, so I can get the out-of-house stuff done quicker (while being able to listen to my iPod, of course). I'm going to start working on that here soon.