Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fluffy Mail

So, now that I got our 5-gallon bucket of Charlie's in the mail, the cloth diapers are making (another) comeback.  The stripping that I did to my prefolds with the hot water and the bleach and the Charlie's seems to have worked.  Zeke wore them to bed a few nights in a row, and never had a problem.  

Now, I told you all that I joined a forum over at The Diaper Pin.  I'm really loving this forum.  The ladies are great, and while I'm learning a lot about all of the cloth diapering options, I'm also realizing how much I love my basic stash. 

Now, I really do love my basic stash.  But that doesn't mean I can't have fun adding to it (in as frugal a way as possible, of course).  Here are some things I have gotten in the mail recently.

An Aristocrats Wool Soaker.  I won this on an eBay auction and paid $24.50 (that includes shipping).  It's a large, and at the website I linked to, they cost $36.75 (without shipping).  So I'd say I got a pretty darn good deal.  It's been washed and lanolized, and should be ready to use tonight.  I'm excited to try wool overnight, because of it's awesome waterproofness, and because it's an all-natural, breathable material, which will make Zeke's bum a lot happier.
These are newborn-sized wool longies that I got off of Etsy.  They are made from an old merino wool sweater.  As you can see, they are double-sided and reversible.  I haven't lanolized these yet.  I will wait to do that until the baby comes.  

This is a Crickett's Cotton Fitted Diaper.  I got these for nighttime, to wear under the 'Crat.  It has a snap-in doubler, so there is lots of absorbency.  He has worn these for the last few nights, under a PUL wrap cover, and they work great.  I can't wait to try them with the wool though, because the PUL doesn't breath, and his skin is usually pretty damp and warm in the morning.  I got the 100% cotton instead of the hemp/cotton combo, because I saved $2.00 a diaper this way.  
These are some cloth wipes I got from Quilter's Nappies.  They are flannel on one side and velour on the other (you know, the soft stuff that the track suits are made out of?).  I got some really cute boy prints.  I got 16 of them, to try them out.  If I like them, I will probably get more.  In fact, I just looked at the Boy Prints on the website, and she has some really cute new prints.  But, since I don't have any money, I will resist.
So anyway.  That is some new stuff I have gotten for my stash lately.  

This is the next thing I would like to do/get.  They are called Tinkle Traps.  You send this lady some of your prefold diapers, and she trims them, adds elastic, and serges the edges.  I will just do them very basic, so they will be cheaper.  I want to get some of Zeke's done, so I can try them out, and if I like them, I will get some of the baby's done too.  But, I have to get a slot with the lady first.

Anyway.  I'm off to look around the Great World Wide Web.  See you all later.


Oh, just so you know.  To make a long story short, we ended up getting a new washer.  Our old one wasn't horribly broken (from what I could dig up on the internet).  But more often than not, when one thing goes bad, everything starts to go bad.  So, we decided to buy a new one and have 8 more years of worry-free laundry.  Sears had 20% off all their appliances, plus we will be able to get them to repair it if anything happens, since we actually bought it there this time.

So now you're all in the loop.  Sorry for not telling you soon how that all turned out.


Elizabeth said...

I think cloth diapers are the cutest! Babies look so adorable in them. If I didn't have such a strong gag reflex, I'd use them lol.

Heather said...

Gees about time you told us about the washer, I checked and checked and checked your blog everyday wondering what happened, LOL.

Wow that is pretty cool that you have gone so basic, if that is the word fo rit. THat is realyl cool I could never do it and I just think it would be cool to do, so coodos.

Danielle said...

wootwoot to sears! that is where we got our dryer. we also got a year thing where they will come clean it and if they repair it more then 4 time in a year they will give us a new one. i think it cost like 179 and if we dont like it we can cancel and get the money back.