Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh, the drama!

Well, say a little prayer, everyone.  I'm afraid our washing machine is sick.  Not sure if he's terminal yet.  Only time will tell.  Well, the repair man will probably be able to tell us too...

I was running a load of colored clothes before Sierra had to leave for school.  I heard the washer filling up for the final rinse cycle.  Usually it will start to agitate right away, but I didn't hear it do that.

Suddenly I smelled burning plastic.  I was walking around the house trying to figure out where it was coming from.  After the water heater incident, that smells kind of freaks me out.  As I got closer to the laundry, I realized it was coming from the washer.  

I opened the lid, and there everything sat, in a tub full of black water.  Oh.  Let me explain that one.  I started using Charlie's Soap again, and the more you use it, the more store-detergent gunk it cleans out of your washer.  So, there sat my clothes in a tub full of detergent-gunk-filled water.

I called Jay, and he told me to unplug the washer, just in case.  I guess the next step is to pull all the clothes out and take them next door to rewash them.  And to call a repairman.  

Anyway.  I'm off to dress the baby and go next door to discuss our options.   

I will update later.

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Kimi said...

I love the new profile pic. I'll keep everything crossed for you..