Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You're on my list.

There is something about the sound of the washer and dryer running that makes me want to get up and clean.

I started out my morning (and I officially start my morning after the big kids are at school and Zeke is down for a nap) on the computer.  Reading blogs, checking email, that kind of thing.  I had a load of laundry going in the washer before I sat down on the computer, though.

Thankfully my husband walked into the house (for a potty break) to the sound the washer running and the sight of me on the computer.  He said "Well, at least you're not laying on the couch like I thought you would be."  The funny thing is, if I hadn't gotten absorbed in reading something online, that's exactly where I would've been! 

So after I finished online, I moved laundry around.  Then I laid down on the couch (Jay was already gone to finish his route).  I think I'd gotten a quick half hour catnap in when Jay's aunt called with a question.  I answered it for her, then laid back down on the couch.  

As I laid there listening to the sound of the washer and dryer running, I thought about the things that were on my Mental To Do List.  Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, phone calls.  I laid there and wondered what else I could be doing.  I was very comfortable, and I didn't really want to get up, but I knew I wasn't going to fall back asleep anytime soon.  

So I jumped up and went into the kids bathroom to start gathering towels for the laundry.  While I was in there, I noticed the toothpaste all over the counter.  And thought about how much our bathroom needed cleaning too.

After I picked up all the towels from around the house, I grabbed some rags and my cleaning stuff.  I scrubbed the insides of the toilets, had a AIM conversation with my sister, and called my dad to wish him Happy Birthday before Zeke woke up.  

After he woke up, I gave him a snack and put a video on for him.  Then I finished cleaning the outsides of the toilets, the sinks, countertops, and mirrors in both bathrooms.  

I'm feeling pretty good about getting all that done, especially since bathrooms are NOT my favorite thing to clean.  Now if I could just get myself to clean our tub...

I thought I would post the rest of my To Do list before I have to go get Tyner from school.  So here it is:

-Sort laundry
-Dishes (small load)
-Call MediCal worker
-Clean tub
-Get diapers out of garage
-Bleach diapers

Well, that's all I can think of right now.  I should go get ready to go pick up Tyner now.  

P.S.  Congratulations to Jeff & Lisa on the birth of their baby girl, Samantha Joy!!!
P.P.S.  Happy 64th Birthday, Dad!!!


Heather said...

oh I hear ya on not liking cleaning the bathroom. That is the one thing I didn't get to yesterday and need to do today.
Must be something in the air cause yesterday I was in such a mood to clean the house (hadn't done it in a few days). It was so messy that it really showed that I had cleaned. I think that might have been it it feels so nice to clean and actually see the difference.

Jinglbells said...

I get going like that. By going in one room to do something and finding something else that needs to be done. Sometimes it makes a good list, but sometimes it makes me feel a little a.d.d. cuz I am doing many different little things in each room,you know, one thing leads to another. But I do like the feeling of getting a lot done and not just one room.

Danielle said...

geez jenny...are you making fun of my add? lol just kidding, but now you know why my house is never clean...i spend my time going from room to room!

welcome to my world!