Monday, January 26, 2009

Diaper Pics

These are just some cute pictures of Zeke I wanted to share.  He is in a prefold with a Snappi.  I put his fleece pants on over this when he started to play with the Snappi.  The pictures look a lot better if you click on them so they are bigger.

I think he looks a lot like Tyner in this picture.
He looks really old in this picture.  I don't know if it's the teeth or what.
He was running at me in this one.  That's why it's fuzzy.
Checking out his sister's bracelet.


Heather said...

ahh he is so cute. He is thinning out, all long and slender.

Elizabeth said...

He is just so sweet! What a handsome guy!! And lucky you with no food aversions. I think mine was actually the beginning of morning sickness because I feel really yucky today. Ick. The sensitive smelling is crazy!

gloreeoreeo said...

he has gotten so big i cant wait to se him again!