Friday, January 30, 2009

The Mind of Tyner

Tyner's preschool teacher asked each of the kids to tell them a story the other day.  Here is Tyner's:

"This is for real!  This happened to my friend.  My friend went out to feed his chickens.  He is eight years old.  The chickens were dead upside down on their backs.  There was an animal with a long snout, kind of like elephant skin with razor sharp teeth and sharp claws.  He was called Antalopesaurus.  It eats ants too.  It ate and it also tore apart part of his house.  He got his phones at night so he couldn't call the police or the vet.  And it also eats people."  

She asked how big it was.  He said "Probably 200 feet long and 200 feet big and that's all.  And it also eats eyeballs.  It eats bugs and it is kind of camouflaged and I saw it too.  It was freaky and it also eats bears."

There is nothing I could type here that could in any way do this story justice.....  This is the brain of my son.....


Heather said...

hehehe that is so Tyner. Cute story, wyatt would love it.

Danielle said...

silly boy