Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zeke Pictures

Just a few more cute Zeke pictures I had on my camera.  

He's got a mouthful of apple in this one.
I love the way he has his feet crossed at the ankles in this one.
One of these days I will take some pictures of the big kids so you can see what they look like now....


Elizabeth said...

Adorable! I love his little face in the first one hehehe. And I just love the name Zeke every time I see it. I love any Z names!

Elizabeth said...

Oh and I didn't know who it was that stopped following---must be you! Hahaha. I understood completely since I hadn't updated it in forever! But now with 2009, it's back on. I started it this morning but we're still working on official 2009 numbers :)