Friday, April 14, 2006

What's in YOUR purse?

So, I stole this idea from Mom to the Screaming Masses. She had a post that listed everything in her purse. So, I thought I'd play the game too. Here's a list of what's in my red/blue/green/orange/yellow/black striped purse from Target...(hold please, while I sort)...

  • iPod Nano in bright pink armband with exercise headphones attatched
  • blue iPod Nano skin
  • earbuds that came with the Nano
  • Belkin TuneCast II (FM receiver for the car)
  • Crystal Light On The Go packet (lemonade)
  • Special K Bar (strawberry flavored)
  • Trident gum (original flavor)
  • zippered pouch with: Cool Citrus Basil lotion, Listerine Pocket Mist, small Kleenex package, nail clippers, Aveeno cold sore treatment, Blistex Silk N Shine, and Rimmel Twist & Shine Sheer Lip Polish in Brilliance
  • 2 pens (Pampered Chef andWindmill Inns)
  • a lock for when I go to the gym
  • today's workout log from the gym
  • 2 Trident wrappers
  • Oral-B Brush-Ups
  • a $20 bill
  • a KCFCU envelope with 18-one dollar bills
  • a $5 Safeway coupon for any Claritin product
  • 5 receipts (Safeway, Fred Meyer, WalMart, Hollywood Video, and Kitsap Credit Union)
  • reminder card for our next counseling appointment
  • Safeway shopping list with everything crossed off but Jumbo Pasta Shells (had to get them at Fred Meyer)
  • change purse with $1.03 in change
  • Yellow notepad with mini-pen
  • wallet with various store club cards, debit/credit cards, membership cards (library, AAA, gym), kids' health cards, driver's license, coffee (i mean hot chocolate) punch card, pictures of family, and social security cards (I KNOW you're not supposed to carry those with you. I just haven't taken them out from the dentist trip five months ago.)

WHEW. Okay, that's it. Well, that's in the purse I'm using now. I've got one up on a shelf that I'm not currently using but it is storing some stuff for me.

So, what's in your purse? Post it on your blog, or if you don't have one (ahem....Yella), post it as a comment.

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Mrs. Chicky said...

I like that you put the iPod at the top of your list... very necessary that little Apple product!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.