Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some new pictures

Here are some pictures from my latest roll of film. I know you're saying "FILM?!?! Why hasn't this girl gone digital?" And I will, someday. When I can save the money to buy the Digital SLR of my dreams. Anyway, on to the fun!

The Kids with Papa Joe and GG in California. My children make the worst faces in pictures....

Two of The Nieces and The Kids at the waterfront.

Papa and The Boy on "Papa's reh cackoh." That would be Papa's red tractor for those who don't speak Toddler-ese.

Eggs in a nest that a bird built next to our house. Shh, they're a secret. None of the kids know about them.

The Girl dressed all pretty for school.


janel-o-pea said...

Beth, your kids are darlings. Nice to see a picture of your daddy, too. He looks great.
Janel in San Diego

Mrs. Chicky said...

I love me the kid pictures! You have seriously beautiful chiluns.

A film camera? Really??

MrsWndr said...

I love the pics. I need to get my film camera out again. They do take pretty pictures. I miss my Daddy!

kalisah said...

so cute! I think they're funny faces are hilarious!