Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So much to say, so little motivation. I know you are all anticipating and waiting patiently for my next post. Too bad for you.

There has been some stuff going on in my life. Not much. But enough to keep me from shriveling into a little dried up bethbean. But I have NO motivation to sit down and write about it. I've got too many shows on my DVR to watch from the week I was gone!!!

Speaking of shows that were on while I was gone. "America's Next Top Model." I CAN'T BELIEVE MOLLIE SUE WAS KICKED OFF!!!! Over JADE!!! That was the stupidest thing I ever saw. I hate Jade. She is arrogant and rude and mean and more annoying than anyone I have ever seen!!! I HATE HER!!!! And I hope the judges see through her manipulative crap soon, and get rid of "THE undiscovered supermodel." Grrrr. Can you tell I was yelling at the TV while I was watching yesterday? Anywho....

I went to yoga today. My first class. Went with My Neighbor. Her ex-sister-in-law was supposed to go with us, but she couldn't find a parking space (read: the parking at Westcoast Fitness SUCKS!) and got in too late to join the class. So, it was just me and My Neighbor. It was pretty cool. Very relaxing. I'm hoping all the stretching will help me with my incredibly horrible, non-existent flexibility. But remind me next time to use two mats. 'Cause laying on my stomach, doing the stretch were you lift only your legs. Yeah, that hurt. As TB knows, the hip bones are a little (okay, a lot) pokey. And those suckers were poking right into that hardwood floor. Ow. So, on Thursday, I'll use two mats. Anyway. It was good.

Alright, that's it. You have dragged enough out of me. I will not write anymore. I told you I didn't have any motivation, and darn it, I DON'T! So, no more. I have to change The Boys diaper and put him to bed. And I have to figure out what the heck he is doing with his "hoot nacks" (that would be fruit snacks, to the english speaking world).



sunshine scribe said...

They always keep the annoying one on those reality TV shows as long as they can -- to keep us yelling at the TV.

hoot nacks - so cute!

MrsWndr said...

i was so mad last week. i almost didn't watch this week, i repeat ALMOST. I thought Jodi did really well this week. And Nnena is relaly starting to irritate me. I think it's funny that she's finally showing the colors that Brooke has seen the whole time. I LOVE THAT SHOW! Glad you're back, even if it was a weak post. =) TB