Thursday, April 06, 2006

typing quickly

not going to bother with proper english composition tonight. the boy is sleeping about ten feet behind me, and i'm trying to type quietly. and without turning on lights to find all those annoying keys like shift. you're lucky i'm using a period.

today was a good day. the kids played outside for most of the morning, while I napped. i love it here. after i decided to get my lazy butt out of bed, i showered and the kids and i headed out. we went to yreka (no, not eureka) to meet the hubster's mom for lunch. before we went there, we stopped at the bank where i used to work to say hi. stopped at walmart to drop off some pictures and so the girl could go potty. met GC for lunch. the girl used the potty two more times while we were there (three if you count the time we went in for a butt spankin'). it was a potty day. after lunch we stopped by wally's, picked up the pictures and a few other things (read: i am a sucker and buy my children way too much stuff). headed back to the valley. stopped by ray's in fort jones, but walked over to the bookkeeping office where i used to work. found out one of the girls who eventually took my place walked out a couple of weeks ago, leaving my old job open. found myself wishing the hubster could find decent work in the valley so we could move back, and i could work there again. walked back over to ray's and picked up something for dinner and a cherry coke (read: drink of the dEVIL). drove to etna, stopped at ray's in etna to get caf-Fiend free coke (to cancel out the cherry coke, you know?). drove home. put the kids down for a nap at 4 pm (what am i, INSANE?). sat and read a little, listened to my pretty pink iPod, and slept for a little bit (i am such a lazy bum!!!). Got up, started dinner, made dinner, ate dinner, cleaned up from dinner. watched the girl, the boy, and gg have a tea party. i'm pretty sure it's their fortieth one since we've been here. hung out for the rest of the night until i put the kids down at 9:30 pm. hoping they'll sleep a little later tomorrow for the late bedtime (YEAH RIGHT!!!). took a bath, read and prayed a little more. came to bed and decided to email the hubster a love note. got sucked into the evil world of the internet. blogs, emails, dictionary word searches. damn you, internet, damn you!

okay, so there is a very long run down of my oh so interesting day. getting off now, before i give into my urge to go back and capitalize everything. going to get into my electric blanket heated bed. loves to all!

p.s. can i just say that i love the little bumps on the j and f keys that let you know your fingers are in the right position. great for midnight in-the-dark typing.


dani said...

you crack me many ray's are there?

Beth said...

There are three Ray's. One in Yreka, one in Fort Jones, and one in Etna. Actually, there are more than that. I just Googled it, and there are 16 Ray's in Northern California. But I actually only go to the two in the valley (Ft. Jones and Etna). So, there you go.

sunshine scribe said...

so funny. what a day!

P.S. great blog -- good to meet you :)

MrsWndr said...

sounds like you're a busy bee. im glad you're enjoying your time down there. i wish j could find decent work down there too. not that i want u to leave home, but it seems like there's less stress with his gps than with our family. why do you think i dont mind hunny staying in the military? maybe you guys should seriously look into it. or at least closer to down there. that way if hunny ends us up in sd youll be closer too. id come see you all the time. sorry, a little time for wishful thinking. and why is it that no one comes and randomly visits my blog? are my posts that boring? are they that poorly written? now im bummed. leaving to cry in the shower ala ace ventura in the first pet detective movie.

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