Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

This is the first time I have posted for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays (hosted by Tammy's Recipes). So, here's my tip:

I found these condiment bottles at my grocery store for $1.00. I'm sure you could find them cheaper at WalMart or some such store. I liked these because they had a lid, which means no spills.

I filled one with canola oil (CO) and the other with olive oil (OO). This way I have the oils I use most often close at hand on my countertop, which means I don't have to pull the big bottles down from the cupboard everytime I need oil. I just squirt some into the pan when I need it. Another bonus I didn't think about is that these bottles make pouring oil into a measuring spoon (like for baking) SO MUCH EASIER. No more worrying about tipping the big bottle too far and spilling lots of oil everywhere. Just a little squeeze is all you need. It's great.

So there's my Kitchen Tip for Tuesday. Hope it helps you out!


Heather said...

Great tip beth, but hey you marked that bottle wrong shouldn't it read EVOO!! LOL.

Danielle said...

i was gonna say....you only use oo..not evoo?! what is wrong with you!