Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall happenings

My daughter loves to climb trees. We have several aspen trees right outside our house that she is especially fond of. She has even taken to jumping off Jason's Jeep to grab a branch that's too high for her to reach from the ground. But, shhhh! Don't tell him that!

This isn't actually a picture of her climbing. I just wanted to show you the pretty color of our aspen trees.
Zeke has discovered the joy of hats. He doesn't keep them on very long, but he will put them on and laugh. He will even wear Tupperware bowls as hats.
Zeke has discovered climbing on and into things. The other night we were playing dice and
G&P's house and turned around to see Zeke doing this.

Zeke got his first major injury last night. He was pretty tired and wobbly last night, and he fell down while he was walking. I guess his nose hit the floor just right, because he got a bloody nose. I didn't get any pictures until he was in the bath getting cleaned up, so you can just see the blood in his nose. But it was a pretty drippy affair. Eew. He was a trooper, and only actually cried when he first fell.
So, that is what's been going on around here. Well, there's been more, but I've got stuff on my To Do list, so I can't talk much now. I will try to get on later and post an update.


Heather said...

wow she is a climber. those are some great trees for that, I know colton had fun on them last time we were all there.
Love all the pics and Zeke is to funny.

Kimi said...

I love the pic of Sierra with her bangs all in her face, she's quite the monkey.
Jo will still bringher pumpkin hat to us to put on, then go walk around and play in it, then take it off, and repeat the cycle. It's cute.
Those trees are gorgeous. We have to come visit you.