Saturday, October 18, 2008

Francine Rivers

So, Jenni asked me to post a list of books that I have read by an author named Francine Rivers. She is a really great writer, and she writes the kind of books that you don't want to put down. So, here is a list with a short description of each book.

Redeeming Love - Best-selling author Francine Rivers skillfully retells the biblical love story of Gomer and Hosea in a tale set against the exciting backdrop of the California Gold Rush. The heroine, Angel, is a young woman who was sold into prostitution as a child. Michael Hosea is a godly man sent into Angel’s life to draw her into the Savior’s redeeming love. This is the first Francine River's book I read. It is a great story. My copy actually got passed around to all the women in our Young Adult bible study.

Leota's Garden - Award-winning author Francine Rivers opens a world full of vibrant characters with a powerful story of hope. In this stunning novel, Francine explores the new life that love can bring to a decaying garden of broken relationships. Through the lives of 84-year-old Leota, her granddaughter, and a college student with all the answers, Francine leads readers to ponder the value of life and truth in a way that only she can. I just finished this book recently, and it was so good. The characters were so easy to connect with, and it made me laugh and cry.

The Scarlet Thread - This best-selling novel by popular author Francine Rivers is now available in mass paper. When Sierra discovers her young ancestor's handcrafted quilt and reads her journal, she finds that their lives are very similar. By following her ancestor's example, she learns to surrender to God's sovereignty and unconditional love. This book was so good. I actually stayed up until 3:00 AM to finish it. It was such a great story of marital faithfulness, even through the toughest of times.

Atonment Child - Francine Rivers's classic novel that breaks through the many taboos surrounding abortion. In one terrifying moment, Dynah Carey's perfect life is shattered by rape, her future irrevocably altered by an unwanted pregnancy, and her doting family torn apart. Her seemingly rock-solid faith is pushed to the limits as she faces the most momentous choice of her life--to embrace or to end the untimely life within her. This book was so good. It was really well written, and a very sensitive subject was handled with grace and compassion.

And The Shofar Blew - In the Old Testament, God called his people to action with the blast of the shofar, a ram's horn. God still calls his people today. In this relevant and timely contemporary novel, dynamic young preacher Paul Hudson is committed to building his church--but at what cost? As Paul's zeal and ambition build, he loses sight of the One who called him. As Paul and those around him struggle to discern what it truly means to live out their faith, they must ultimately choose between their own will or God's plan. I have this book, but I haven't read it yet. So I can't offer you any opinion on it.

The Last Sin Eater - Set in Appalachia in the 1850s, The Last Sin Eater is the story of a community committed to its myth of a human "sin eater," who absolves the dead of their sins, and the ten-year-old child who shows them the truth of Jesus. I haven't read this one yet, but I do have it on hold at my library.

The Shoe Box - In this beautiful gift book, Francine Rivers tells a poignant Christmas story about a foster child, Timmy, and his very special shoe box. Includes special notes from the author about the story and her family's Christmas traditions and recipes. I haven't read this one either.

The Mark of the Lion Series - This whole series was AMAZING.
A Voice in the Wind - Torn by her love for a handsome aristocrat, a young slave girl clings to her faith in a living God for deliverance from the forces of a decadent Rome. Hadassah embodies the position of Christians everywhere — showing Christ’s light in a dark world.
An Echo in the Darkness - Through the courageous faith of the Christian slave girl Hadassah and the troubled lives of the Roman masters, An Echo in the Darkness continues this moving tale of first-century Rome. Having narrowly escaped death, Hadassah conceals her scars--and identity--with veils. But it is her God-given ability to heal others that brings her to perhaps her greatest trial. God's forgiveness and redemption triumph as this young woman, assumed to be dead, is called to risk her life for the one who would have destroyed her.
As Sure As the Dawn - Enter into the world of ancient Rome. Atretes and Rizpah discover the fires of faith and their own burning devotion to a Lord who shakes their lives and draws them into a sure love.

Sons of Encouragement series - Behind the Men who shaped history are the heroes who forever changed it. Francine Rivers tells the stories of five men who faithfully sought after God in the shadows of God’s chosen leaders. I didn't even know this series existed until I looked at Francine Rivers' website. Now I'm going to have to try to track down these books.

Lineage of Grace series - Five women, whom God chose, destined to play a key role in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Francine Rivers tells these women’s stories in a way you’ve never heard before and lets them speak to us in new and life-changing ways. I haven't read any of these either.

So, there you go. A complete list of Francine Rivers titles. You all really should find some of her books. They are all so good (you notice I wrote that on almost every book?). So, go find the books, and ENJOY!


Danielle said...

i havent read the sin eater but i have seen the movie. it was should watch it after you read the book and tell me if it is the same.

Kimi said...

i am greatly intrigued by this post. have you mentioned her to me before? i vaguely recall the rome ones...i will look into these at once. i'm reading the city of ember right now. they're really good.