Sunday, August 02, 2009

The bite that never happened.

This is a picture of Tyner and his friend Luke, holding the rattlesnake that was a foot from my daughter.
Apparently while everyone was setting up the camping stuff, the kids were riding their bikes. Sierra stopped her bike by a bush and put her foot on the ground, and saw a snake slither into the bushes. She told one of the guys that she saw it, and he came over and saw that it was a rattlesnake. He grabbed a boat oar and pounded on it. Then he cut the head off. Apparently the kids all had a good time playing with the dead snake.

Jason cut the rattle off and they brought it home with them. What a souvenir from the first Bible Study Summer Camping Trip.


Heather said...

Wow now that is an adventure.

Kimi said...

Well, thank goodness she didn't get bit. God was watching over her. I bet Tyner LOVED that thing. Hehe.