Friday, August 14, 2009

No-Baby-Yet Update

So I thought I'd jump on and give you all a quick update before I head to bed.

I had a doctor's appointment this evening. She said I was a "good 2 cm," which isn't all that spectacular. The baby's head is down, but not stuck or anything. When she did the exam, she said she could poke the baby's head and she didn't float away or anything. She just hasn't fully dropped yet.

She told me to make an appointment for next Thursday. But while I was doing that, she came out and told me to make it for Tuesday instead. So what I'm hoping is that when I go in on Tuesday, if I've made enough progress, that they will tell me to come to the hospital on Wednesday and they will break my water (like they did with Zeke).

So, that's it for now. Nothing too exciting to report!

I'll let you know more on Tuesday.

1 comment:

Kimi said...

Except that you HAD HER THAT NIGHT!!!! Yay!!
Can't wait to see all the pics you take of her. Sent out a package for her today. Couldn't resist. Your family pics, from us, are in there too. Oh and some footies for Zeker, with monsters on them. Hehe!