Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby preparations.

I just thought I'd write a quick post to share how things are going in the baby department.

I had a doctor's appointment last Thursday, and nothing much was happening labor-wise. The baby hasn't even dropped yet, even though everyone thinks she has when they see how low my belly is. I haven't had any real contractions, and it doesn't feel as if anything is going on. Of course, it was the same with Zeke, and I walked around at 3 cm dilated for a few weeks with him. I've started trying to walk everyday, hoping to get things moving. Better late than never, right? I have another appointment this Thursday, so I will let you know if anything is happening.

As for housely/crafty/hospital preparations, most of that is taken care of. We rearranged our bedroom this weekend and got the bassinet all ready to go. All of the baby clothes are washed and put away. Diapers are all prepped and ready for a tiny tushy to wear them. I have to baby yarn projects waiting to be finished. I'm crocheting a blanket, and I'm definitely taking my time on it. I've got 11 rows left to go, but I figure I have until about September before it really NEEDS to be done. I'm also working on knitting a wool diaper cover, but that is on hold until some new needles get here (hopefully sometime this week). The baby's bag for the hospital is all packed, but mine isn't. I'm still wearing the clothes I want to take with me on a regular basis, so I'm not sure how that will work out. The carseat is all ready to go; I just need to put it in the trunk of the car. Arrangements have been made for childcare and hospital visits. Well, as well as arrangements can be made when you have no idea when the blessed event will actually occur!

On the baby gear front, we have most of what we need. We still have the carseat, bassinet, crib, bouncy seat, and swing from previous kids. We have lots of adorable pink and purple baby clothes (thanks, Dani!!!) in the smaller sizes. Plus, we still have the majority of Zeke's clothes, in case the ultrasound wasn't right! There are only two (big-ish) purchases left to make. I'm going to need a bigger diaper bag, now that we will have two in diapers. I've got a bag that I could make work, but it's kind of a pain in the butt. I was looking at the large L.L.Bean Touring Travel Bag today, and it seems like it would really work for our needs. Plus, it's definitely in my price range! There is one bag I would like, the Ju-Ju-Be Packabe, but it's a lot of money for a diaper bag. And thinking about the other piece of baby gear I'd love to have, I'm not sure the Packabe would be a good diaper bag choice. Hmm. I will have to think about that one.

The other baby gear item I'm dreaming of is a baby carrier. I would love to be able to strap the baby to me, instead of leaving her in the carseat all the time. I would also love to be able to carry Zeke on my back, just to keep him corralled in certain situations. I was originally looking at the Ergo carriers, but from things I've read and people I've talked to, I think the Beco Butterfly 2 is a better choice for our needs (plus, they have WAY CUTER fabric choices!). It sounds like the Beco is easier to use with a newborn (the infant insert comes with it, instead of having to be purchased separately), the back is higher, which makes it easier to carry a toddler, and the design is better for wearing smaller babies on your back. Of all the prints on that site, I think my favorite is Anna, followed by Hannah, with River coming in a close third. But. With the Beco's being even more expensive than the too expensive diaper bag, I'm pretty sure getting one of these carriers is just a pipe dream. I would love to have on as soon as possible (I'm already dreaming of having one on the first day of school to keep Zeke under control while getting the kids settled), but maybe we can use Christmas money or something to buy one.

Anyway. Sorry. I'm rambling now. I think I need some caffeine. Or a nap. Or something! Just thought I'd give y'all an update. See you later!


Heather said...

Your head is just a spinning, man are you ready to pop or what. I remember being already and yet you still feel like you have a ton of stuff to do.
I will send you $50 to help get the pack. I will get a check in the mail today or tomorrow. It is funny I liked your three choices but in opposite direction hehe.

Kimi said...

I'll send some money too. You'll have the carrier yet. I want lots of pictures of Em and Zeke in it tho!

*Steph* said...

Reading your post, I have a Sleepywrap. (

It is the best thing I ever used when my daughter was newborn. She loved being wrapped to my chest. The best part is that it's only 35.00.