Friday, July 31, 2009

Coming Home Outfit

So. For this, my last baby, I wanted the coming home outfit to be something special. I had visions of her being dressed head-to-toe in handcrafted Mommy-made cuteness.

Okay, not really. It just kind of ended up that Emma will be wearing an outfit made (almost) completely by me. I had dyed a bunch of shirts, since white is just so boring. And I had knitted a wool sleep sack for Emma to use at home, making a matching hat from the leftover yarn. When Sierra saw the matchy-matchiness of them, she wondered if the baby could wear them home from the hospital. I explained that Emma couldn't be buckled into the carseat while wearing the sleep sack.

So I was in the process of knitting a pair of longies (really just wool pants, used as a cloth diaper cover). After much discussion with Sierra, we decided that Emma will wear the pants home. And Sierra got to pick which color shirt Emma will wear with the pants (she chose dark pink). Sierra wanted me to make a hat to match the pants, but I decided that a wool hat would probably be too hot in mid-August. So we compromised with a headband.

Here is a picture of the pants and headband together. I even crocheted the flower, all by myself.
And here is a picture of the shirts I dyed, all stacked up.

There will definitely be pictures of baby Emma in this outfit, so be on the lookout in a few weeks!

Oh, and just an FYI. No, wool pants won't be too hot in August. Pure wool is very breathable, and magically keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So, have no worries about the new little one's internal temperature.

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Kimi said...

oh. em. gee. bethany.
that is the cutest thing i have every seen. and u've always said ur not crafty. poppy-cock!
there you've done it. you've gone and made me want another baby.
gosh durn you!