Friday, September 21, 2007

Please come soon!

Hey, just a request for y'all. Could you say a prayer, or cross your fingers, or whatever it is you choose to do, for me.

I found out Tuesday that my doctor is leaving town for six months to do a fellowship in Spokane. The problem is, he leaves the weekend I'm due. I was really looking forward to having him and his staff deliver me, because they tend to do things more naturally than other doctors in the area.

If he doesn't come early, I will more than likely have the doctor I saw with Tyner do the delivery, which is fine. But I really wanted Dr. Wilson to do it.

So, could you maybe do your things, and ask that the baby could come a little early? He is considered full-term now (I am 38 weeks today), so he would be completely healthy.

Anyway, just my request for the day!


ScrapFairy said...

Ahhh, Tell them they need to just induce you before he leaves. I will say a prayer that he hurries up and comes.
Seems so weird you are so far along already, time sure does flie when you aren't the one preegnant. LOL.

Kimi said...

I'll start saying prayers. Layla finally went into labor today. My friend Chris has been in the realy stages since the 11th. I sure hope you go faster than that. NO matter what happens, it's all be in God's time. My thoughts are with you.

Erin said...

I'm always rooting for a fellow Wilson!