Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our week...

Well, I was bored, so I thought I'd get on here and write about our week. Luckily it was pretty busy, so it has gone by fast. This coming week is just as busy, but more about that later. Now, what I'm telling you here is all in addition to our regular routine of school, walking, lunch, naps, dinner, cards, and all that other stuff. Here was how our week went:

Monday: Uh...I looked at my calendar, but it says we had nothing that day. And since I can't remember that far back, I'm going to assume that's true.

Tuesday: In the morning, we had our first MOPS meeting of the year. It went really great. It was a lot of fun to get together with my friends again, and we had a few new faces, which is always good. I made muffins for the meeting on Monday night. They turned out way better than anything else I've made lately. Unfortunately, they were from a box.

Jason and his grandpa went shooting after work, to get ready for rifle season. I think that was about it for that day.

Wednesday: In the evening we went to the Awanas Carnival at church. This is the begining of the year celebration thing that they do, when you get the kids signed up for Awanas (Cubbies for Tyner and Sparkies for Sierra). Then the kids got some tickets and went to play some games. I think they got 10 tickets, and Tyner used 6 of them for the fishing game. He also used a couple for the "throwing the dart at the balloon" game, which he is pretty darn good at! Sierra did the cake walk and won a cupcake, which she ate the frosting off of, and then threw away. She also did bowling, and a beanbag toss, and a few other things. She didn't want to do the dart game, because the popping balloons were too loud. Both kids used a ticket to get their faces painted. Below is what they each chose (I have to say that Tyner came up with his all on his own; it wasn't on the list). Both kids won a ticket for a free ice cream cone at Dotty's so we went there afterwards. We brought the ice cream home, and the kids enjoyed it before bed.

Thursday: I went to Yreka in the morning, to do my town shopping. I'm very excited, because I got all the little things I wanted to get for the kids' gift bag for the hospital. I wanted them to have a present at the hospital, so they would feel special. Plus, it will give them something to do while they wait around.

Sierra had a dentist appointment after school. Just a check-up for school. They said everything looked good. She didn't want to get her teeth cleaned, because the spinny brush thing scares her. I told her that when she has another appointment in six months, she won't have a choice. Of course, the dentist told me about her "orthodontic problem," which we knew about. She has a crossbite, which is where half of her top teeth are in front of her bottom teeth, and the other half are behind her bottom teeth. He said he would start work on it in two or three years, or as soon as she has all four of her six-year molars, and all four of her front teeth (two top, two bottom) have fallen out and grown back in. He said that her top jaw will have to be expanded (I had the same thing, so I'm not surprised), and then they would have to make sure that all of her top teeth were in front of the bottom teeth (I'm not sure if this would be with braces or with headgear). I'm not looking forward to the eventual cost of this, but I will just start praying now that God will provide the money when we need it.

In the evening, Sierra had soccer practice. It was more of just a "meet the coaches, meet the other kids" kind of thing. The kids kicked the ball around, I chatted with my friend Sarah and Sierra's kindergarten teacher, and Jason took Sarah's little boy to the playground to play (my husband is so great!). Sierra came home saying that she loved soccer, and that it was her favorite sport (which, of course, thrilled me to death!). Her first game is on Monday; I'm hoping that her shinguards get here in time for her to play. We shall see.

Our regular Thursday night bible study was cancelled, so Jason and I watched "Delta Farce" after the kids went to bed. It was a funny movie, but full of a lot of cussing and homosexual references/jokes.

Friday: Friday was apparently uneventful as well, since there is nothing on my calendar. I know I watched a movie called "Footsteps" in the evening. But that's about all I can remember from that day.

Saturday: The first day of rifle season. Jay and Papa took off at about 4:30 in the morning, and got home at about 4:00 in the evening. Jason saw and heard a few deer, but nothing worth shooting at. Grandma, the kids, and I went to a dinky little yard sale, to pass some time. I took a bath to relax after the kids went to bed. That's about it.

Sunday: Today. Sierra and I went to Sunday School this morning. Then Grandma brought Tyner with her to church. After church we had lunch and naps. I woke up from my nap and got on here. I also took another belly picture, just to see if I've changed at all. I was going to wait until 38 weeks to take another picture. I only did it today because the house was quiet and I was wearing the right kind of clothes for it. Sometimes I think Zeke has dropped, so I wanted to see if I looked any lower. I don't know, you be the judges.

Jason's sister and her family are coming over sometime this evening for dinner. The kids enjoy playing with their cousins, and I'm sure we'll play cards after we eat.

As for this coming week, it should be busy as well. We have a soccer game Monday night, I have a doctor's appointment and Women's bible study Tuesday morning, we have Awanas Wednesday night (the first regular meeting of the year), Thursday I need to make three batches of Amish friendship bread, then we have soccer pictures, and bible study in the evening. Plus, Thursday is my 28th birthday, although I'm not sure anything exciting will happen that day. Then on Friday, Grandma, Papa, Jason, and I are going up to Medford for dinner to celebrate my and Papa's birthdays (his is on Saturday the 22nd). We are going to Shoji's, one of those Japanese places where they cook right in front of you. I'm very excited; one, because we will be kidless, and two, because I've always wanted to go to a restaurant like this. And on Saturday, Jason and Papa will probably go hunting again.

Anyway. That is what last week looked like, and what next week will look like. Hope you enjoyed this LONG glimpse into our lives.


Erin said...

Tyner has the best smile EVER!

What a lucky gal you are!


Danielle said...

Those resturants are super fun. I even tried shrimp (and some sort of fried sushi roll)there for the first time in my husband can get me to do the craziest things!

I wish I could be there to help celebrate your birthday! I love you

Kimi said...

Ur belly does look lower. You'll love the japanese place, everything is always so good there. I'm glad the time is going by quickly for you. I wish I could be there for ur bday too. I miss you something crazy!
ps..what is Amish Friendship bread?