Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cleaning out my purse...

So, I normally keep my purse pretty well cleaned out. But lately, I've kind of just been shoving stuff in there, and not really taking anything out. I decided to clean it out today, and I thought I'd share with all of you what was in it. So here goes!

THE REGULAR STUFF (or, What Is Going Back In My Purse):

-Wallet, with ID, debit/credit cards, library card, medical cards, and pictures
-2007/2008 calendar
-Little spiral notebook (in brown and pink stripes)
-Pocket-size FirstAid thing
-A small pack of tissues
-Clear zippered pouch with "hygiene" stuff in it: hand sanitizer, lotion, nail clippers, lip stuff, Tylenol, breath spray, hand wipes, etc.
-Cell phone
-Four pens (two are going back in, one is being thrown away, and one is staying at my desk)
-One and a half rolls of Tums

THE OTHER STUFF (or, What Is NOT Going Back In My Purse, but is being put away where it belongs):

-A black Sharpie (from my trip to the Post Office)
-Four Trident gum wrappers
-Three snappy hair clips
-A fortune that says "Now is a good time to try something new."
-A small key for our old storage lock (not sure where the lock is...)
-"Mom & Baby Birth Choices", a form from my doctor about things I do and don't want to happen during and after labor
-Three receipts: Honeyman State Park (from our trip to the Sand Dunes with Dale and Stephanie), WalMart (from our Medford trip), Olive Garden (from lunch out in Medford with the girls yesterday)
-A picture of me and my sisters (had it at work)
-Black and white copies of the kids' school pictures (from work, also)
-Lip gloss I never wear
-A (kind of scary looking) horse finger puppet of Tyner's
-A small notepad with cowboy boots on it (also Tyner's)

Well, that's it. I'm done cleaning my purse. It feels much nicer and lighter now that it is all cleaned out.

I'm trying to enjoy using my little purse while I can, since I will be carrying a diaper bag soon. I remember being so excited to go back to work after Tyner was born because I could use a regular purse, and not a diaper bag. I won't have much opportunity for that with this baby, since I'll be staying home, and he'll be with me pretty much all the time. But, I would rather have our new baby than my little purse.

Okay, I'm done boring you all with the contents of my purse. Now it's time to go take a nap until I have to pick the kids up at school. See you back here in two days (Friday) for my 36 week belly picture.


Kimi said...

cute lil' purse. i can't believe how much you can fit in it. can't wait until friday.

ScrapFairy said...

LOL that's funny sounds like my purse, I need to do that clear bag with stuff in it, that would help my mess alot.
Can't wait to see pics.