Saturday, September 29, 2007

39 weeks plus 1 day

Okay, hopefully this will be the last belly picture I will have to post on here. Not that there has been any activity "down there" to make me think that. But one can dream...

So, I guess I forgot to tell y'all that my doctor isn't leaving until the end of October now. So, I'm not in such a rush now. Of course, the sooner the better, but I'm not feeling like I was before. I have another appointment on Tuesday, so we'll see if I've gone any farther than last week. I really think God is honoring my original request to have this be an October baby.

I'm actually hoping I make it through the weekend (especially since Jason is hunting both days this weekend). I'm actually kind of even hoping I make it to my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, because that will mean I got to go to our women's bible study on Tuesday morning. We are starting a new study called "The Excellent Wife," and I really don't want to miss any of it.

Anyway, on with the pictures. I will post this weeks, and the last one I took (37 weeks and 2 days?), so you can compare.


Danielle said...

yep..there's definatley a baby in there ;o)

Kimi said...

i think you look about the same, maybe a little lower. so far the trend has been going over your due date...hopefully that won't be the case for you...or me! always thinking of you.