Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Pictures 537

I numbered this post so high because I feel like I'm always posting Random Pictures on here. Anyway, here are some videos and pictures I have taken in the last few weeks.

This first video was actually taken on September 2nd. Dropshots wouldn't upload the video for some reason, so I didn't post it then. So, I'm doing it now. This was right after dinner; Zeke and I were finishing up and just kinda' hangin' out. The kids were playing crazy, and Zeke was loving it.

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This next video shows the extent of Zeke's walking thus far. He only takes about four steps at a time. But he is standing alone a lot more now, and when he is cruising along the furniture, he is starting to let go of things before he is holding on to the next thing. Sorry it's so dark, but that's how our living room is in the evenings.

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Here are the kidshelping me frost Papa's birthday cake. He really likes coconut cake (just a white cake with white frosting and coconut all over it), so I made him one again this year. I think for his 80th birthday, I'm going to make him the ultra-deluxe Alton Brown Coconut Cake. It's one where you use real coconuts and real flour and sugar, and all those fresh ingredients.

Zeke discovered Jason's TV in our bedroom the other day, and kept trying to get the screen.

Well, that's all the random photos I have for now. Hope you liked them. If not...too bad! :D


Heather said...

ahh he is getting so big and I love his laugh.

Kimi said...

"Don't put your butt in my face," CLASSIC!
Love the vids, I was just thinking of trying to get one with Jo's screech and her I'll have to.

Erna/Erin said...

Yeah, I love the "butt in my face" argument. Classic.