Saturday, September 06, 2008

Random Family Pictures

Oh boy, guys. This is bad. Really bad. I just downloaded over a hundred pictures off my camera. Yikes! Talk about dropping the ball. Then again, maybe I should be proud of myself for taking over a hundred pictures in just over a month. At least I'm using my camera, right?

I won't post all 117 pictures, though. I picked my favorites to share with you. These are just some random moments in our lives. I will post more specific ones next (i.e. the chalkboarded fridge, Zeke's first haircut, etc.).

So, here they are, in no particular order. Okay, that's not true. I'm too anal for "no particular order." So, here they are, in chronological order.

***WARNING: There are lots of pictures to look at. But trust me, they're worth it. My kids are really cute!***

Zeke eating his favorite snack. The kid is obsessed with Cheerios. Why is it that when you bring a baby toy in, FOR THE BABY, the big kids immediately descend on it?

Bath pictures. Those dirty crawler's feet should tell you why he needed a bath.

Our new faucet. The old one was leaking. DON'T LOOK AT THE DIRTY DISHES!!!
Sierra fell asleep reading one night.
Sierra was helping him walk in these all-cloth cowboy boots.
'Cause I'm the coolest mom EVER!

Just some cute pictures of my baby man.

He ends up with his eyes closed in a lot of the pictures I take of him. Maybe my flash is too bright?
First 4-wheeler ride.
Love the Mama.
At least Sierra and I look cute.
This is how interactions between Zeke and Tyner usually go. Somebody poking somebody else.
The kids playing crazy on the swing.

The wind was blowing hard. See his hair?
We all went for a ride.

Tyner was sleeping like this during a nap one day.
OMG! He looks so old. :*(
I had to give him the Tupperware cupboard so he would stay out of the pots and pans and bakeware.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures.


Heather said...

Oh thank you s o much those pics were awesome and I loved looking at them. Tyner looks so big in that sleeping one. Amd Zeke is so darn cute, he's getting big too.
Great photos.

Kimi said...

The photos were great. Maybe tonight I'll do some major posting. I have been very lazy the last few weeks. Love you.