Monday, September 29, 2008

Making Slime

Kimi sent me a website a while back on how to make slime with your kids. Since I'm the coolest mom ever, I decided to give it a try. It was really easy, and it only used four ingredients. The kids thought it was awesome; even I had fun playing with it. They got out Sierra's kitchen toys to use with the slime, too. The best part? There is nothing to clean up from the slime. It's not like PlayDoh, were you get a ton of little crumbs everywhere. It will stick in carpet (which we found out at GG's), but you're good to go on the tabletop and on linoleum. You really should try it out with your kids! Here are some pictures of our fun. Enjoy!

Tyner waiting patiently for Sierra to get home. All four ingredients. White glue, water, Borax powder, and food coloring (optional).
The glue, water, and food coloring, ready to be stirred.
Sierra mixin' it up.
Tyner stirring together the water and Borax.
The start of slime.

I'm pretty sure Tyner is saying "Awesome" in this picture.

We used plastic stencils to make shapes in the slime.
All stretched out.
I had to take this video so you could HEAR what the slime sounds like.

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