Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My "crafty" side

I bought a nighttime fleece soaker for Zeke.  A soaker is a style of diaper cover that is usually made from either fleece or wool.  This one is extra big and baggy so it will fit over all the extra bulk of nighttime diapers.  Here is a picture of the soaker:

Zeke wore the soaker to bed last night, but because it is so big he couldn't wear pajamas over it.  I put on the Baby Legs his Aunt Kimi bought him a long time ago, but he still has fat thighs, and they still don't really fit him.  The Baby Legs ended up around his knees.  

So I said to my Self "Self.  Do you think we could add some legs to that soaker?"  And my Self said "Well, maybe.  We made some pants, so I don't see why we couldn't figure it out."  And so we did.

I had bought some sage green fleece to make both boys a pair of fleece pants (don't worry, I bought Sierra some girly fleece).  I thought the green would look really cute with the brown.  So I jimmy-rigged a pattern, cut some fleece, did some sewing, did some cussing, did some more sewing, and...VOILA!  The *now* fleece longies:

Haha.  I know they look kind of funny laying there like that.  I promise, they are much cuter ON.  What?  You don't believe me?  Well, see for yourself:

I told you!  And here is a far away picture, just so you can see how cute the model is:

Anyway.  That's my crafty project that I'm sharing for today.  

Hopefully someday soon (before my kids outgrow the measurements I just took of them) I will get around to drawing up patterns for their pants and making them.

Okay, I'm off to veg for a little bit until Jay and the kids get home from AWANA.


Heather said...

Very cute! love the comentary.

Kimi said...

Nice job bethy boo! You are becoming quite the seamstress! Outstanding!