Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's got the deuce deuce in the trunk of his car...

Papa "gave" Tyner a .22 revolver a while back.  Of course, he can't actually have it until he is older.  But Jason surprised Tyner the other day by taking him out to the woods to shoot the gun.  If you've ever shot a .22, you'll know they don't have very much kick to them, so it's a good gun for kids to shoot (with supervision, OF COURSE!).  

Here are some pictures Daddy took of Tyner:

Posing with the gun.
Had to have one with the cowboy hat on.
After they were done.  I'm pretty sure most of the shots were Jason's.  I absolutely adore his smile in this one.
I think the shots on the very outside red ring (and probably the actual white of the paper) are Tyner's, and everything in the center two rings are Jason's.
Jason said he wished he would've gotten a video of Tyner when he told him what they were in the woods to do.  He said Tyner was jumping up and down and yelling with excitement.  I wish I could've been there to see it, but it was a good father/son time for them.

And now I'm off to fold diapers and watch Psych.  Bye!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my!! That is such an awesome father/son moment. So sweet :) I know my husband is waiting impatiently for the time he gets to teach Zack to shoot the gun he had as a kid. That one has a kick though so Zack has to be a bit older. What beautiful pics---he looks so happy!!!

And we love Psych here!! :)

Erna/Erin said...

I have to be annoying here and say, quoting "A Christmas Story," "you'll shoot your eye out!"


Heather said...

Hey he hit the paper not bad, I couldn't have done that, LOL. He looks so happy. Cool he got pics of it too.

Kimi said...

He sounded so proud when he told me he shot his 22. He is totally going to be a 'hunter' like his dad. It's great that they had that time together.