Tuesday, December 16, 2008

(Please Don't) Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

My lucky daughter. She got to play in the first real snow of the year, on her birthday.

We woke up yesterday morning to about four inches of snow. It was a culmination of two days worth of flurries and hard overnight snowfall.

I'm glad I've started parking the van in the garage. This would've been a pain to try and clean off the car with only five minutes before we have to leave for school.

Here is the beautiful view out our back window.

The cows are gone for the winter, which makes it even prettier outside. Don't be fooled by all this beauty, though. I'm stuck in the Valley. Forest Mountain (the only way into Yreka) is Chains Required for all vehicles. We don't have any chains in the van, so I couldn't go over this morning to do my grocery shopping. Shoot, even if we did have chains in the van, I wouldn't've gone. I'm not about to get out on the cold, wet ground to put them on. That's Jason's job! Luckily nothing on my list is urgent. Hopefully I can get out by Friday, because I don't want to spend a fortune at Ray's to get food to make stuff for potlucks.

This wooden shelf outside our back window is where our air conditioner sits in the summertime. Jason didn't want to bother with taking it down each year, so we decided to turn it into a bird feeder during the winter. It has been getting a lot of action, and I have the feeling we will be going through lots of birdseed this year. The birds are actually starting to fight over it. Maybe I need to put more seed out? Oh, and don't mind the stuffed duck watching the birds eat. I think he's just jealous of them.

Here are the kids, playing in the snow. They were so excited that yesterday was an early release day, and that the snow wasn't melted by the time we got home from the library. They bundled up as soon as we walked in the door, and headed outside. I'm so glad their snowsuits from last year still fit them. We will definitely have to buy new ones next year. Actually, Tyner has been outside twice today, and it's just now lunchtime.

Well, Zeke is in my lap, trying for all he's worth to hit the keyboard with a pencil eraser. I guess I should finish up on here before he accidentally stabs me in the eye with the pencil lead.

Hope you enjoyed our snow! And if you have snow of your own, be safe and don't drive like a moron!


Heather said...

wow that is awesome, love the pics. That sucks about shopping.

Danielle said...

oh crap... i was gonna call ya-ya on her birthday...could you tell her happy late birthday...did i say that right..i dont think so but oh well

Kimi said...

As much as I miss snow and how pretty it makes everything..I'm glad I don't have to deal with it this year. Love you.