Monday, December 15, 2008

Candy Cane Envy

Tyner was eating a candy cane Sunday morning. Zeke, being the sugar-fiend that he is, wanted some. Tyner was happy to share with his brother. He was giving him licks, trying to get the candy cane out of Zeke's mouth before he could bite it. One time he didn't get it out fast enough and Zeke bit the top curved part off. Here is a picture of Tyner prying the candy cane out of Zeke's mouth.

Zeke looking at Tyner with envy, since he couldn't have anymore candy cane.

Smiling at me when he realized I was taking his picture.

As much as my kids drive me crazy sometimes, I love moments like these. When Tyner is being a good big brother (instead of tripping and tackling Zeke), and when Zeke just simply adores Tyner for being, well, Tyner.


Kimi said...

i see the eye gouge thing you were talking about. they're so adorable.

Heather said...

ahh i love the look on his face looking at tyner, so sad.

gloreeoreeo said...

cute pictures!the kids have gotten bigger, cant wait to see you again!